Yellowstone Trail near Columbia City

Now known as the Old Trail Road, this road in Whitley County, just east of Columbia City (north of U.S. 30) used to be known as the Yellowstone Trail in the 1920s. When known as the Yellowstone Trail, there were not nearly as many automobiles on the roadways and they traveled at considerably less speeds than today’s vehicles do. Many roads were often curvy and hilly, as this stretch of road is. It intersects with State Road 205.

Stretch of old Yellowstone Road in Whitley County


About historynut11

My name is Tim Ashley and I am a newspaper editor/reporter/photographer in Milford, Indiana, and live in nearby Goshen, Indiana. A deeply held and sincere passion of mine is history and learning from the past. I enjoy a wide variety of history topics, but particularly local history, noted American highways (Lincoln Highway and Route 66), railroad history and the Civil War. I believe we can learn much from the past and that past shapes who we are today. I also enjoy visiting museums and historical sites, as well as taking photos of remnants from the past still standing.
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3 Responses to Yellowstone Trail near Columbia City

  1. Gretchen says:

    Interesting! My family lives on Old Trail Rd to the west of CC… Was that also part of the “Yellowstone Trail?”

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