Site of one-room schoolhouse in Elkhart County

Admittedly, nothing stands out about this photo of the southwest corner of county roads 19 and 36 in Elkhart County. But the Michael School, a one-room schoolhouse, used to stand there. In about 1880 a brick building was built on the site. It remained a school until sometime in the 1920s. A wood frame school was built in the 1850s on the northwest corner of the same intersection. The school was named after Paul Michael who once owned the land the school was located on.



About historynut11

My name is Tim Ashley and I am a newspaper editor/reporter/photographer in Milford, Indiana, and live in nearby Goshen, Indiana. A deeply held and sincere passion of mine is history and learning from the past. I enjoy a wide variety of history topics, but particularly local history, noted American highways (Lincoln Highway and Route 66), railroad history and the Civil War. I believe we can learn much from the past and that past shapes who we are today. I also enjoy visiting museums and historical sites, as well as taking photos of remnants from the past still standing.
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2 Responses to Site of one-room schoolhouse in Elkhart County

  1. Marker Hunter says:

    Here are a few items that may lead your “Historical Thoughts” to fun, adventure, and expanded information:

    1.Track the “Lincoln Highway” (and perhaps the “Dixie and Dixie B” highways through Indiana as you find the given ‘Historical Markers’ for them.

    Once you found the ‘historical markers’:: photograph, note their location (GPS) and up-load them on “Historical Markers Data Base” ( – – HMdb.) You then have valued material for the public as you tag them on you blog with given stories.

    2. The following is another project that would help the public and add “Historical Fun”! ! ! (By the way it is called “”Marker Hunting”” – – finding, documenting, photographing, and up-loading to HMdb.) With HMdb all is free and there are no limits on the number of contributed: Photos, Text, Comments, and Links. Video can be add by using “Add-a-Link”.

    The ‘new historical marker program’ of the Indiana Historical Bureau for the “Indiana Heritage Cemeteries” is at: In Elkhart County – there are nine (9) -and- in Koscuisko Co. – there are fourty-four (44). ((Use ‘find a grave’ web site to help you locate the cemeteries.))

    Enjoy the ‘HUNT’ ! ! ! (Anyone can join in.)

  2. Marker Hunter says:

    “”Marker Hunters”“ alert::
    A “one of a kind” Lincoln Highway Historical Marker is in Warsaw, Indiana on the S/W corner of Perry & N. Lake Street. Its GPS is:

    Your just one photo session away from being up-loaded to .
    Click on “Add-a-Marker” at the top of each HMdb page to enter the info and photos.
    Does anyone have photos of the Warsaw marker being installed -or- dedicated?
    (If so, add them to the HMdb marker page after it has be established.)

    What caused the Lincoln Highway route to be changed in Indiana? ?

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