Old Alignment of Michigan Road near Rochester

Should we call it Old, Old U.S. 31 now? Maybe so because there are actually three alignments of U.S. 31 since the newest one opened within the last year. The first alignment of the road is known as the Michigan Road and here I took some photos of an even older alignment that once crossed the Tippecanoe River near Rochester. It may not be very visible in the photo but you can faintly see remnants of the pavement through the grass. An old bridge was removed and replaced with a newer one very close by. There are historical markers posted here that give some good information about the old Michigan Road. It was renamed U.S. 31 when the federal road system began in the 1920s. Then a newer version was built later that bypassed towns (the old Michigan Road went through the heart of Argos, Plymouth, etc., as most old roads did). Of course the newest version opened last year. The Michigan Road dates to about 1832 when it was commissioned to be built and was one of the first roads to travel the length of the state.

Old road alignment near Rochester.

Old road alignment near Rochester.


About historynut11

My name is Tim Ashley and I am a newspaper editor/reporter/photographer in Milford, Indiana, and live in nearby Goshen, Indiana. A deeply held and sincere passion of mine is history and learning from the past. I enjoy a wide variety of history topics, but particularly local history, noted American highways (Lincoln Highway and Route 66), railroad history and the Civil War. I believe we can learn much from the past and that past shapes who we are today. I also enjoy visiting museums and historical sites, as well as taking photos of remnants from the past still standing.
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