Old mill building still standing in Leesburg

One of the most common structures associated with agriculture is the grain elevator or mill. A few of the older mills remain standing, such as this one in Leesburg, Kosciusko County, known as the Old Leesburg Mill. I’m not sure exactly when it was built because I saw one source say 1899, while another says 1905. Regardless of which one is correct, the building has stood for easily more than 100 years. When originally built, farmers brought their grain to the mill to have it ground into feed or for storage. Of course in the late 1800s or early 1900s they would have come by wagons. The old mill is located close to the railroad tracks off Van Buren Street in Leesburg. It is probably no accident the mill was built close to the tracks. They likely would have used the railroad to ship grain, though I’m not sure there was ever a railroad siding for this mill. There was another elevator not far to the south and also by the railroad tracks. It was demolished a year or two ago. I do know at one time the same family owned both mills. But I don’t know for how long. Note also in the photo you can barely see some of the foundation of the train depot that once stood in Leesburg. Recently the old mill property was de-annexed from Leesburg and the plan is to convert it into a combination of a restaurant and brewery.


Old Leesburg Mill in Kosciusko County.


About historynut11

My name is Tim Ashley and I am a newspaper editor/reporter/photographer in Milford, Indiana, and live in nearby Goshen, Indiana. A deeply held and sincere passion of mine is history and learning from the past. I enjoy a wide variety of history topics, but particularly local history, noted American highways (Lincoln Highway and Route 66), railroad history and the Civil War. I believe we can learn much from the past and that past shapes who we are today. I also enjoy visiting museums and historical sites, as well as taking photos of remnants from the past still standing.
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