Trace of the old Pennsylvania Railroad

A few years ago I took a vacation trip to see some people I knew from my childhood days. I grew up in the small town of Centerville, Indiana, east of Indianapolis along U.S. Highway 40, the old National Road. While in Centerville, I was able to get some photos of a remnant of the old Pennsylvania Railroad. This was photo was taken off U.S. 40, west of Centerville. I’m sorry, but I don’t specifically recall the road I turned on off 40. I know the photo is not of the greatest quality, but it was about the best I could do given the tree growth and so forth. You can faintly see where the railroad bed was located. Coming out of Centerville, the railroad followed 40 for several miles. These tracks were removed in the late 1970s or early 1980s. I can remember when trains still came through Centerville, though at that time I wasn’t the least bit interested in trains. The Pennsylvania Railroad, as railroad enthusiasts would know, was one of the most prominent rail lines in the United States at one time. But those trains don’t run anymore in most places. Another trace of the past.

Centerville Trip-April 2014 038

Roadbed of the old Pennsylvania Railroad near Centerville.


About historynut11

My name is Tim Ashley and I am a newspaper editor/reporter/photographer in Milford, Indiana, and live in nearby Goshen, Indiana. A deeply held and sincere passion of mine is history and learning from the past. I enjoy a wide variety of history topics, but particularly local history, noted American highways (Lincoln Highway and Route 66), railroad history and the Civil War. I believe we can learn much from the past and that past shapes who we are today. I also enjoy visiting museums and historical sites, as well as taking photos of remnants from the past still standing.
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