Barn is located in Jefferson Township

I think it is probably pretty obvious by now I like to photograph older farm barns. Year by year, they are being torn down and often replaced with pole barns. Shown is a transverse-frame type barn on County Road 20 in Jefferson Township, Elkhart County. It is just off the intersection with County Road 19. A transverse-frame barn has a sliding door on the gable end of the barn. It evolved from a four-crib barn and the cross aisle was closed off and stalls or cribs were built along the wall. Farmers placed entrances at either end so they could drive wagons through the structure. Rows of storage cribs or stables lined each side of the barn. These barns are similar in appearance to English barns. According to county property records, the barn was built in 1930, meaning it is nearly 90 years old now. Old township plat maps show former property owners to include, among others, Christian Leedy and his family and then later Sanford and Etta Frame. There is a farmhouse on the property built in about 1880. When I took the photo of the barn, it appeared no one was living in the farmhouse at that time.


Barn in Jefferson Township, Elkhart County.